1st Keynote speech: Lastest China policy and actions to tackle climate change

The presentation includes three parts: (1) increasing risks of the global climate change for China; (2) the mitigation actions after Paris Agreement in China and (3) adaptation actions to climate change in China. The global climate change is actually a risk issue. For last 100-yrs, the increasing risks of climate change in China have been observed, mainly due to more frequent extreme events, including heat waves, intense heavy rainfall, sea level rise, severely winter cold waves and prolonged droughts. For avoiding reaching the dangerous level, the Paris Agreement has set thresholds of 2 degree, or even 1.5 degree to limit the high risks of the global climate change. Thus, the sustainable development of society and economy can be achieved. This presentation further shows the long-term plan for China to implement of the goal of Paris Agreement. China is certainly going to low-carbon and green energy road to serve for sustainable governance and development of ecological civilization. Finally, some notable examples of adaptation actions in China are given.