Overview from the IPCC assessments on climate change impacts and adaptations

As atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases continue to rise, global and local temperature records continue to be broken, with 2015 and 2016 reaching more than 1°C above pre-industrial levels. There is increasing evidence of observed impacts from these warming trends in the atmosphere and oceans, with melting ice, enhanced intensity of extreme events such as heat waves and heavy rainfall events increasing risk to many systems that we care about. There are in addition to the political and other challenges in meeting the Paris Agreement targets. Together, these have reinforced the needs of decision-makers for up-to-date information for climate impacts, adaptation and mitigation. The comprehensive, rigorous, transparent and authoritative IPCC assessment process can help increase understanding by decision-makers of these issues. This presentation will draw out key findings from the Fifth IPCC Assessment (2013-2014) and synthesise these with new knowledge developed since then, for example in relation to sea level rise. It will also outline the possible direction of the next IPCC Assessment due to be delivered between 2021-2022.