The ICCC2017@HK is the fourth instalment of this conference series, and is hosted by the Hong Kong Climate Change Forum (HKCCF). The HKCCF and its ICCC series strive to educate the professional community of Hong Kong to prepare the public and private sector to join in sharing responsibilities in the new low-carbon economy. Through education, mitigation and adaptation, HKCCF aims to guide Hong Kong professionals and organizations toward facing the serious environmental and societal challenges of global climate change.

The HKCCF delivers profound educational and networking platforms, such as the ICCC, to acquire, develop and disseminate knowledge, best practices and new ideas. It mission is to encourage and empower communities toward the best practices, policies and measures that will be needed to enable their applications in Hong Kong. The HKCCF engages professionals from a broad scope of disciplines to drive universal collaboration on integrated approaches to the challenges and opportunities of climate change.

Through its education opportunities and activities, HKCCF strengthens the capabilities of professionals to assist cities in reducing emissions, creating new low-carbon goods and services, and enhancing resilience in the face of climate changes. HKCCF cooperates with numerous environmental associations in Hong Kong and beyond, and encourages any climate-concerned groups and organisations to share in its efforts to achieve these goals.


ICCC2017@HK Conference Objectives:

The consequences of climate change are most severe for the world’s fastest growing economies and cities, many of which are in Asia. ICCC2017@HK aims to create a platform for progressive collaboration on tackling the global threats of climate change, with a focus on those countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Conference will encourage participation from stakeholders, government bodies, public and private sectors to unite for the worldwide drive to control our climate. With an expected attendance of more than 250 professionals and dignitaries, the ICCC2017@HK will set the stage for one of the largest and comprehensive events for environmental protection in Asia.

The Conference will explore a range of climate and environmental seminars and case studies, led by a diverse selection of influential university professors, public officials and many regional and international experts. The two-day conference includes 18 presentations and four panel discussions, with topics including:

  • Policies, Actions and Latest Development from the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Actions in Emission Reduction
  • A speech by ICCC2017@HK Guest of Honour: senior representative from HKSAR Government
  • Current China and Hong Kong policies and actions to tackle climate change
    • Hong Kong’s past and future actions on energy efficiency and conservation
    • Waste to energy – distributed generation in residential complexes in Hong Kong
  • International perspectives: Case studies and overview of progress since the Paris Agreement
  • Latest scientific understanding on climate change
  • Developing higher building energy efficiency and improved energy conservation
  • Case Study from Sweden: Extent of renewables to replace fossil fuels
  • Overview of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) perspective on the impacts of climate change
  • Actions on adaptation and resilience in a densely-populated city – Singapore
    • DSD: Adaptation and resilient measures on flood control and drainage systems.
    • CEDD: Adaptation and resilient measures on landslide control and coastal structures.
    • CLP/ EMSD: Adaptation and resilient measures on power distribution
  • Adaptation from the business sector, including green finance, carbon trading and risk management