Day 1

Ms Loh Kung Wai, Christine, JP
Latest Hong Kong actions to tackle climate change
(The powerpoint is strictly for information purpose and not to be used for other purpose without the prior consent of the Environment Bureau)
Prof Ding Yihui
Latest China policy and actions to tackle climate change
Prof Zhai Panmao
Towards IPCC AR6: From WGI Perspective
Mr Shun Chi Ming, JP
Climate Change Impact on Hong Kong
Prof Wang Shengwei
Life-cycle optimization of building energy systems for improving energy efficiency of today's buildings and future buildings
Ir Harry Lai Hon -chung
Hong Kong’s Key Strategies in Promoting Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EE&C)
Ir Dr Barry Chi Hong Lee
Food Waste to energy: A sustainable solution?
Ir Dr Anthony Ma
Waste to Energy – Distributed Generation from Food Waste in Hong Kong
Mr Pat Nei Woo
Can Hong Kong become Asia’s Green Finance Hub?

Day 2

Prof Mark Howden
Overview from the IPCC assessments on climate change impacts and adaptations
Dr Mellissa Low
Actions on adaptation and resilience in a densely-populated city – Singapore
Ir Kan Yim Fai, Fredrick
Mitigating and Adapting to Flood Risk in Hong Kong - Challenges from Climate Change
Ir Prof Philip WK Chung
Adaptation and Resilience Measures on Slope Safety in Hong Kong
Prof William Goggins
Climate Change and Health
Ir Raymond Fong
Opportunities and Threats from Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) in Hong Kong & China
Mr Steven Choi
Waste Separation @ Source – Waste Footprint Calculator for Hong Kong
Mr Loh Chih Kang
Adaptative Approach to Rising Sea Level