Keynote speaker:

Mr. Wong Kam-sing, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment, HKSAR Government


Mr Steven Choi, Senior Project Manager, Green Council
Biography >
Mr. Steven Choi is the Senior Project Manager of the Green Council, where he coordinates various business-oriented, educational and awareness-raising environmental projects, including Hong Kong Green Label Scheme (HKGLS), Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter and Environmental Education Programmes.

Mr. Choi is actively involved in the HKGLS, which is the first independent and voluntary scheme in Hong Kong for the certification and recognition/labeling of environmentally preferable products in the market. Mr. Choi is the assessor and coordinator of HKGLS, and he advanced HKGLS in terms of its new criteria development, marketing and promotion.
Ir Prof Philip W K Chung, Deputy Head of Geotechnical Engineering Office (Planning and Standards), Civil Engineering and Development Department, HKSAR Government
Biography >
Ir Philip CHUNG is a deputy head of the Geotechnical Engineering Office of HKSAR Government. He has been working in the engineering field for more than 30 years and has a wide range of experience which covers planning, management, education, research, design and construction. Ir CHUNG is also an honorary associate professor of the Department of Earth Sciences, HKU. He has been teaching various modules of MSc courses in the past 18 years. Ir CHUNG has been appointed by the Hong Kong Accreditation Services as a technical assessor on geotechnical testing since 1994. He serves the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) Technical Committee 101 since 2005.
Prof Ding Yihui, Professor, Academician, National Climate Center, China Meteorological Administration
Biography >

Ding Yihui (1938-).,Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is professor and special adviser on climate change of the China Meteorological Administration. Now he is vice-chairman of the China Expert Panel on Climate Change. He once served as director general of National Climate Change, CMA and co-chair of Working Group 1 of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Chang (IPCC).
Prof. Ding graduated from Department of Geophysics of Beijing University in 1963 and graduated from Graduate College, Chinese Academy of Science in 1967. He participated in and chaired the preparation of IPCC First up to the Fifth Assessment Reports as one of world scientists who have outstanding contribution to climate change studies. In 1987 and 1995, he won the 3rd class and 2nd class State Natural Science Prize, respectively. In 2002, he won HLHI Science and Technology Progress Award. In 2003 and 2005 he received the 1st class and 2nd State Science and Technology Progress Prize, respectively. In 2005,he received WMO Award for outstanding work in the field of climate prediction ,climate change and monsoon climatology.

Ir Raymond Fong, General Manager, Environmental Management Division, Hong Kong Productivity Council
Rob is a Senior Vice President in Guy Carpenter's analytics team, based in Sydney. Rob has over 10 years' experience in catastrophe risk management, working with insurers, reinsurers and governments across Asia-Pacific. He has been involved with catastrophe modelling for a number of major insurers and governments, and has managed the development of risk models to address perils which are not adequately covered by commercial models. Prior to joining Guy Carpenter, he worked at Willis Reinsurance, where he was responsible for the development of flood risk models, including the National Flood Information Database (NFID) for the Insurance Council of Australia.
Mr Robert Fortune , Senior Vice President, Guy Carpenter Analytics, Sydney, Australia
Biography >
Rob is a Senior Vice President in Guy Carpenter’s analytics team, based in Sydney. Rob has over 10 years’ experience in catastrophe risk management, working with insurers, reinsurers and governments across Asia-Pacific. He has been involved with catastrophe modelling for a number of major insurers and governments, and has managed the development of risk models to address perils which are not adequately covered by commercial models. Prior to joining Guy Carpenter, he worked at Willis Reinsurance, where he was responsible for the development of flood risk models, including the National Flood Information Database (NFID) for the Insurance Council of Australia.
Prof William Goggins, Associate Professor, JC School of Public Health and Primary Care, CUHK
Biography >
Professor Goggins obtained his doctorate in Biostatistics from Harvard University. Before joining CUHK Professor Goggins was an Assistant Professor of Statistics in the Mathematics Department of Hong Kong Baptist University. Professor Goggins’s current research focuses on the health impact of meteorological conditions in sub-tropical climates, including the effect modification of the effects of high temperatures on mortality/morbidity by urban characteristics; the effect of cold temperatures on mortality/morbidity in warm climates; and the long-term association between mortality rates and number of days with extreme temperatures. He also serves as a collaborator and statistical consultant for numerous projects within the CUHK School of Public Health and Primary Care and other Departments of the CUHK Faculty of Medicine and is a member of the editorial board of the Hong Kong Medical Journal.
Prof Mark Howden, Director, Climate Change Institute, Australian National University
Vice-Chair of Working Group 2 of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Biography >
Prof Mark Howden is Director of the Climate Change Institute at the Australian National University. His work has focused on climate impacts and adaptation for systems we value: agriculture and food security, the natural resource base, ecosystems and biodiversity, energy, water and urban systems. He helped develop the national and international greenhouse gas inventories and has assessed sustainable ways to reduce emissions. Mark has partnered with many industry, community and policy groups via both research and science-policy roles and has over 400 publications. He has been a major contributor to the IPCC since 1991 now being a Vice Chair of IPCC Working Group 2.
Ir Kan Yim-fai, Fedrick, Assistant Director/Operations & Maintenance, Drainage Services Department, HKSAR Government
Biography >
After graduation from the University of Hong Kong, Ir Kan worked in a consultant firm in Hong Kong and Public Utilities Board of Singapore for 10 years before joining the Drainage Services Department (DSD) of HKSARG in 1991. Since then, he has been working in various posts of DSD in connection with the planning, design and construction of drainage and sewerage projects in Hong Kong, including the first drainage tunnel in Kai Tak and the first flood storage tank at Tai Hang Tung; drainage and sewerage master planning; and operation and maintenance of DSD's assets. He also served as a Member of the Expert Panel on Enhancing Flood Protection in Singapore in 2011/12. He is currently the Assistant Director/Operations and Maintenance of DSD overseeing the flood control, district operation and maintenance as well as drainage and sewerage planning matters in the Territory.
Ir Lai Hon-chung, Harry, Assistant Director/ Electricity & Energy Efficiency, Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, HKSAR Government
Biography >
Ir Harry H C Lai is the Assistant Director of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. He is overseeing the enforcement of regulatory functions and the implementation of initiatives on energy efficiency and conservation as well as electrical safety. Mr. Lai received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Master of Science degree in Environmental Management both from the University of Hong Kong. He is a fellow member of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.
Prof John Loughhead, Chief Scientific Advisor, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy of the UK Government
Biography >
Professor John Loughhead is Chief Scientific Adviser of the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and formerly as Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Before joining the Government, John was Executive Director at the UK Energy Research Centre and had previously served as Corporate Vice-President of Technology and Intellectual Property for the Alstom group.

John’s professional career has been predominantly in industrial research and development for the electronics and electrical power industries. He has extensive international experience in both industry and academia, and has been widely involved in national and European public sector technology programmes.
Ir. Dr. Barry Chi-Hong Lee, Director, Environmental Engineering Operation, ATAL Engineering Limited
Biography >
Barry Lee is a Director of Environmental Engineering Operation of ATAL Engineering Limited, a leading multi-disciplinary electrical, mechanical and environmental engineering companies in Hong Kong and has been involved in implementing a number of prestigious state-of-the-art environmental infrastructure projects like, Pillar Point Sewage Treatment Works, Organic Waste Transfer Facilities and Tai Po Water Treatment Works, etc.

Barry has actively involved in the local learned societies of engineers and other industrial association since 2000. It was elected as the Chairman of Hong Kong Waste Management Association in session 2012/2013 and 2013/2014. He is currently the Chairman of Hong Kong Branch of Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).
Mr Loh Chih Kang, Director (Coastal Environment), Coastal Engineering Department, Surbana Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd, Signapore
Biography >
Chih Kang is a reclamation specialist with over 20 years of experience in coastal engineering. Leveraging on his local and international experience, he spear-headed the project team for the Site Specific Engineering Studies to look at the immediate vulnerability (2020) of the southern Singapore's coastline against inundation from sea level rise. In this project, detailed site assessment was carried out to establish the site conditions for which Chih Kang, together with the design team, developed effective flood mitigating solutions that can be integrated into the land use. Chih Kang also leads the project team for the Singapore's nationwide Coastal Adaptation Study, in formulating adaptation strategies and as well as developing a set of guidelines on the design and maintenance of coastal protection structures in light of the sea level rise.
Dr Melissa Low, Research Fellow, Energy Research Institute, National University of Singapore
Biography >
Melissa Low joined the Energy Studies Institute in September 2010. She holds a Master of Laws (LLM) in Climate Change Law and Policy (with distinction) from the University of Strathclyde and a Master of Science in Environmental Management from the National University of Singapore. For her NUS Master thesis on past and contemporary proposals on equity and differentiation in shaping the 2015 climate agreement, Melissa was awarded the Shell Best Dissertation Award 2013. She received her Bachelor of Social Sciences in Geography degree (with Honors) and a minor in Urban Studies from the National University of Singapore in 2010. Melissa has participated in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties (COP) talks since December 2009 and is the Designated Contact Point for NUS’s accreditation to the UNFCCC. Her current research areas are on the implications of the Paris Agreement and countries’ progress in meeting their climate pledges. Melissa is currently serving as PhD Student Programme Chair for the 40th International Association of Energy Economics (IAEE) Conference to be held in Singapore from 18-21 June 2017.
Ir Dr Anthony Ma, Principal Consultant, Environmental Management Division, Hong Kong Productivity Council
Biography >
Ir Dr. Anthony Ma is the Principal Consultant of the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC). He is in charge of the Environmental Technology & Solution Centre and the Environmental Testing Laboratory in HKPC. He has about 30 years of professional experience and is leading a professional team for environmental research and engineering consultancy. Dr. Ma is the Past Chairman of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management Hong Kong (CIWEM HK) and is the technical advisor of a number of local environmental institutions. He is also invited by the government to serve in many expert committees and technical boards.
Mr Rick Truscott, Senior Director – Power Systems, CLP Power Hong Kong
Biography >
Mr. Truscott currently leads the Power Systems Business Group which is responsible for the transmission and distribution systems delivering 80% of Hong Kong’s electricity needs. He has worked in a variety of roles covering development, financing, construction, operations and maintenance in the power sector over the last 27 years.

He assumed his current position in May 2014 after leading CLP Power Hong Kong’s Generation business since 2011. Previously, he was Senior Vice President for CLP Southeast Asia in the Business Development team resident in Bangkok, Thailand. From 2001 until 2009, Mr. Truscott served in a variety of roles associated with the BLCP Power project in Thailand primarily as Managing Director. He joined the CLP Group in 1999 as Business Development Manager for Southeast Asia in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Truscott led development, acquisition and financing efforts for various power projects in Southeast Asia between 1995 and 1999, prior to joining the CLP Group.

Mr. Truscott is qualified as an engineer for a nuclear-powered submarine achieved during his service on board the USS Whale (SSN 638). His educational background includes a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration from Texas A&M University as well as a graduate degree in International Business from Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria.
Mr Shun Chi-ming, JP, Director, Hong Kong Observatory, HKSAR Government
Biography >
Appointed as Director of the Hong Kong Observatory in 2011, Mr Shun specialized in aeronautical meteorology since the 1990s and led a team of researchers to develop the world-first and award-winning Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) Windshear Alerting System for the Hong Kong International Airport. In the international arena, Mr Shun is President of the Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology (CAeM) of the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) – the first Chinese, and in fact also the first Asian, taking up this position in the WMO. Mr Shun is also Permanent Representative of Hong Kong, China with WMO. He is also Chair of the Hong Kong Meteorological Society, Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society (FRMetS) and Member of the Chinese Meteorological Society Executive Committee.
Prof Wang Shengwei, Chair Professor, Building Services Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Biography >
Prof. Wang is extensively involved in building energy and automation research and applications including: optimal design and optimal control, building-grid interaction and demand response, fault diagnosis, dynamic simulation, district cooling system. He obtained over thirty research grants, including 14 GRF grants from the Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong. He is a recipient of the "Overseas Outstanding Young Talents" research grant of NSFC. He published two books, co-authored four books, and published over 320 papers in refereed journals (including over 190 papers in SCI journals). He is one of the top 150 most highly-cited scholars in "Energy Science and Engineering".

He also received significant amount of funding from industry (totally over HK$ 18 millions over last 15 years) for technology development and applications. He has been achieved great success in enhancing the energy efficiency of new/existing buildings, including the International Commerce Centre (ICC), MTR station, medicine production buildings, hotels, PolyU campus buildings with energy savings from 15% to 40%. He is an associate editor of "Science and Technology for the Built Environment". He holds guest/adjunct professorships in ten leading universities in Mainland of China and US.
Prof Zhai Panmao, Co-chair of IPCC WG I, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences (CAMS)
Biography >
Prof. Zhai is a senior research scientist and Ph.D. supervisor at the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences in China. He has more than 30 years working experience in climate change and variability studies. He has authored or co-authored more than 100 papers and 5 books in Chinese and English. He has joined the IPCC assessment activities since 1998. As a well-known climatologist in China, he has developed the Global Climate Monitoring and Diagnostic System, and established the ENSO Monitoring and Prediction System in China. Currently, as a Chief Scientist, he is leading a group of excellent meteorologists focusing on studying extreme weather and climate events.

Prof. Zhai was the Director-General of Department of Forecasting and Networking in China Meteorological Administration and the Vice President of Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences. He is now the Secretary General of the Chinese Meteorological Society.